Allergies, Asthma & ADHD; The Approach You Haven’t Tried Yet

Allergies, Asthma & ADHD; The Approach You Haven’t Tried Yet

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Do your children or children of loved ones suffer from allergies, asthma or ADHD in West Des Moines? Unfortunately, most of us know of several children who do and families that have struggled without a long term effective solution.

There is hope though. Read on to discover shocking facts on these three conditions, how to pinpoint the cause and what can be done to treat the cause of these conditions in a completely natural way.

The Facts..

50 million Americans suffer from allergies, about 20% of the population. Not only have that, but 8% of children younger than 6 years old have food allergies.

17 million Americans suffer from asthma, about 5% of the population. Nearly 5 million of these asthma sufferers are children.

6.4 million children in the US have been diagnosed with ADHD. That's approximately 11% of children 4-17 years of age. *Source

These statistics are SHOCKING!

 The most common treatment for these conditions is medication. Instead of focusing on finding the root cause for such conditions, medication is used to cover up and reduce symptoms temporarily.

..But what is being done to find the root cause and improve overall health long term?

What society seems to be missing is that when our bodies react a certain way, it's because something is wrong internally.. Our bodies need to be able to function properly in order for our health to improve.

Let me use a vehicle as an example to explain this better. As Americans, we rely on our method of transportation for survival. When your vehicle breaks down, how does that affect your life? Life is quickly filled with stress, chaos and disorganization.

If there is an issue, like a short or a broken wire, causing disruption with the flow of electricity throughout your vehicle, which could cause your car to have complications. As serious as trouble starting, OR as simple as a dim light bulb. Then your turn signal goes out. Next your high beams stop working and your radio malfunctions. After you get all of those issues "fixed" at the auto shop, they happen all over again. The point is, once that issue occurs, the vehicle will not function at 100%. Until the underlying cause is found and fixed, issues will keep stacking up and stacking up.

Our bodies.. are the same way.

If our brain cannot communicate with the rest of our body because of nerve interference (neurological issues, muscle issues, etc. caused by misalignments of your spine), then how do we expect our bodies to function fully and heal themselves?

Many children have had misalignments of their spine since birth, and over time will develop more. Approximately 80% of children have some sort of nerve interference due to misalignments after birth. That means, from birth our children's bodies are unable to function at their best.. during the most crucial time in a human's development. That's kind of scary, isn't it?

Chiropractic care has been shown to improve many conditions, but today I want to focus on allergies, asthma and ADHD in children. The number of children with these conditions is skyrocketing, and something needs to be done.

Allergies: There's more to your child's runny nose and teary eyes

If your child has issues with allergies, then you already feel the heartbreak for them and wish there was more you could do to help other than continue the cycle of never ending medication.

Allergies are the most common immune disorder. Your body does all that it can to keep YOU in a natural, organic and pure state. That means recognizing and battling foreign allergens.

Allergy medication is used to counter the natural materials produced by your body to fight allergens. No running nose, No sneezy mess, No puffy eyes.. that also means, those allergens are no longer being expelled from the body. Not only that, but your body is going to continue to fight, which means more medication. It's a never ending cycle.

So instead of a temporary solution, let's find the root

"A healthy body is capable of neutralizing these toxic substances, and a body which has malfunctioning defense mechanisms cannot." Well said, Dr. Kurt Donsback! If the nervous system isn't functioning properly, it becomes stressed, which causes a weaker immune system, among many other issues.

At Vero Health Center, we use advanced NASA certified technology to pinpoint misalignments in your spine causing nerve interference and affecting the function of the nervous system. With that knowledge, we are able to make gentle and specific adjustments that will help restore the nervous system to a more natural and less stressed state. Remember the example I used earlier about the vehicle? If your "wires" AKA nervous system is free from nerve interference, it can more efficiently neutralize allergens.. leading to less sneezy, watery, puffiness!

Asthma: There could be an underlying cause for your child's asthma attacks

Asthma is among one of the scariest conditions a child can have. It affects every aspect of the life of a child. Treatments range from inhaler, to medication, to steroid shots, to nebulizer treatments and so on. These treatments can help greatly with the symptoms, but again, what is the root cause? There has been a significant rise in the number of children with asthma, and the number one method of treatment is to medicate.

...Understanding the underlying issues that could be causing attacks is important.

I'm going to go back to the point I made earlier about your nervous system, muscular system and overall body function. If at a young age, your body becomes stressed due to misalignments of the spine and body malfunction, other issues could arise, asthma being one of those issues.

How many different solutions have you tried to help your child with their asthma?

Was Chiropractic care among them? In the last 5 years, awareness of the benefits Chiropractic care has increased significantly. More and more families are seeing improvements in conditions their children are facing, including asthma, after Chiropractic care.

A stressed nervous system can cause dysfunction of the body which can then result in a decrease in lung function. The result? Asthma, asthma attacks, general breathing problems, sleep apnea and more.

Like I said before, at Vero Health Center, we focus on gentle, specific neurologically based Chiropractic care that restores your nervous system. Our goal is to find the root cause of your bodies dysfunctions so that your children can be free of symptoms caused by conditions like asthma.

ADHD: Natural ways to help ease the symptoms of ADHD

More shocking statistics..

The productions of drugs used to treat ADHD has risen 2,000% in nine years. ADHD affects between four and 12 percent of all school-aged children in the United

States, making it one of the most common childhood disorders. Over 66% of these children maintain the diagnosis into adolescence and adulthood.

Why is the number of children with ADHD on the rise as well?

Again, if the nervous system is malfunctioning or stressed, issues with communication between different parts of the brain can develop as well as communication between the brain and your entire body.

Are you seeing a pattern yet?

Children that are diagnosed with ADHD are typically hyperactive, fidgety, anxious, etc. Now, there are many different causes for this condition. I'm going to discuss two of the more common components and the importance of treating them first.

Studies have shown that the symptoms of ADHD are similar to the reaction our body makes during fight/flight mode. It appears that due to misalignments of your spine and nerve interference, children with this type of ADHD are stuck in fight/flight mode. The Autonomic Nervous System is out of whack and can't regulate, thus hyper energy, impulse and behavioral issues arise. This seems to be the most common component of this condition.

The second most common.. a poorly organized nervous system. By organized, I mean, these children seem to be in "overdrive." Their minds function extremely fast, moving in many directions with no organization. Somewhere along the line during development, something with their nervous system got off track. Because these children function at such a fast pace, they can't grasp and learn as well. This causes developmental issues like social, behavioral, academic, speech and more.

With that being said, other methods of therapy will not be as effective unless the nervous system can be calmed, regulated and functioning properly.

What's the next step?

Chiropractic care is quickly becoming a popular natural and effective method for treating many conditions, especially in children. Why is this? Because studies are finding that many children, in all different age groups from newborn to adolescent, with different conditions are showing signs of significant improvement after Chiropractic adjustments. Now that Doctors are discovering these results, more studies are being conducted proving this even further.

Here at Vero Health Center, we focus on specific neurologically based Chiropractic care. This practice is the best and most specific type of Chiropractic care. Using state of the art technology, we can pinpoint and locate the root cause of you or your child's health concerns that are causing nerve interference and nervous system issues.

The next step for you and your family is to reach out to our office or schedule an assessment so that we can better understand your needs. Click here to reach out to us. There is no obligation.

We look forward to helping you and your family live happy and healthy!

Dr. Josiah

Please know that Chiropractic care is known to help reduce the severity of many conditions, but it is not guaranteed to cure any such condition. Although, we have seen Practice Members become symptom free and have monumental improvements.  We know if your body is functioning better, your body will heal from the Inside Out!


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