Hormone Replacement Therapy In West Des Moines IA

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  • Are You in imbalanced?

    Do you feel off? Is your body not working as it should? You could have imbalanced hormones.


    Aging, Menopause, Stress, and many other reasons can cause imbalanced hormones.


    What if science could effectively balance your hormones naturally?

Benefits of hormone replacement therapy

  • Increased energy and stamina

  • Increased lean muscle mass and strength

  • Decreased abdominal weight gain

  • Less fatigue

  • Improved focus and memory

  • Better sleep

  • Improved overall sexual function

  • Stronger bones

  • Thicker hair

  • Improved mood

  • Less joint pain

  • Resolutions of hot flashes and night sweats

  • Fewer headaches

  • And more!

New Patient Special

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We Offer A New Solution
To Hormonal Imbalances

We have a hormonal therapy that uses the same molecular structure as those that your body produces. Many patients are seeing great results with less side effects, even those who have "tried everything" before.

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Dr. Josiah Fitzsimmons is Board Certified by the American College of Physical Medicine.
We are excited that you are considering our office for care.

ADVANTAGES OF Hormone Replacement Therapy

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  • Individualized Treatment

  • Safer & more effective hormonal balance

  • Side effects are rare

New Patient Special

After Treatment, Many Patients Experience:

Chronic Pain West Des Moines IA Improved Mood

Improved Mood

Improve your overall health and regain your vitality for life.

Chronic Pain West Des Moines IA Reduced Medication

Reduced Medications

Medication and surgery don't have to be the answer.

Chronic Pain West Des Moines IA Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle

Stop wasting time with plans that don't work and get your life back!