At Vero Health Center in West Des Moines, we have had the privilege of partnering with our patients in their health journey. Each comes to us with their unique symptoms and it is our job to create a customized care plan that get them results, and ultimately on the path to start living the life they deserve.

Hear from a few of our patients about their experience under our care...

Chronic Pain West Des Moines IA Dennis Patient Testimonial

Dennis has had neuropathy for the past 30 years. As a farmer, his ability to move freely and without pain is critical. Although he spent a number of years taking medications like Gabapentin, he found little relief.

After just three months at Vero, Dennis tells us that "everything is easier, including walking."

He can pick up his feet, and they're not cold all the time. With so much change in such a little amount of time, Dennis is anxious to see what happens next as he continues treatment.

To all considering completing our neuropathy program, he says, "Try it. Commit to the time for treatment. You could be surprised at the change in your life."

- Dennis

Chronic Pain West Des Moines IA Rae Patient Testimonial

“When I was 6 months pregnant I experienced low back pain, constipation, and difficulty sitting or driving for more than 30 minutes. I had difficluty falling asleep and staying asleep as well. Before pregnancy I experienced 5 miscarriages in a row and doctors couldn’t find anything physically wrong to cause it.

When I finally got pregnant I decided to start chiropratic care and was able to carry full term with no issues! I had previously done traditional chiropractic care and it was so painful and never seemed to helped. When I started neurological based care I was skeptical, but wanted to give it a try. Now I look forward to coming and knowing I will feel better and better.

My results since starting have been life changing. I feel better and had a smooth pregnancy and a healthy natural birth because of Vero Health Center.”

- Rae Jenna

Chronic Pain West Des Moines IA Wyatt Patient Testimonial

"Wyatt had allergies and asthma attacks for years. He was seeing an allergist, who prescribed him daily medications to prevent allergy symptoms and asthma attacks.

After about 2 months of seeing Dr. Josiah, Wyatt no longer has to take his Zyrtec and is pretty much symptom free!

The staff is so friendly and always happy to see Wyatt. The doctors are genuinely concerned about his health and always take the time to talk to him."

- Wyatt

Chronic Pain West Des Moines IA Elyse Patient Testimonial

“I have always been a believer in chiropractic care, but wass't seeing the results with it as I would have liked. I came to Vero Health Center hoping that I would find something different and I did! The approach is completely unlike any other experience I have had. I am sleeping better, have better range of motion, am sick less, have more energy, and am IN LESS PAIN.

My sciatic nerve was to the point I would cry at the end of the day. Five weeks later, I am mostly pain free. It went from a 10 when I began to a 1 or 2 at most when it acts up! Being consistent with the appointments is crucial because each step is a building block to the next time you come in. The time and priority it takes is completely worth it and taking care of my spine here is one of the best decisions I have made for myself. It takes time to undo the damage that happened to your spine, but the results will come, and I can't wait to see my next three progress reports and X-rays at the end!”

- Elyse

Chronic Pain West Des Moines IA Heather Patient Testimonial

Heather came to Vero Health Center with anxiety, depression, sleeping issues, irritability and scoliosis that she had been dealing with for years. She had seen a psychiatrist, counselor and tried several different medications, but nothing seemed to work. She had doubts about getting started since nothing had helped, including other chiropractors, for so many years.

Heather has had incredible results since making the decision to trust Vero Health Center with her health. “My back pain is almost non-existent, my anxiety/depression is basically gone, and I am off my medications. After about 6-7 months of treatment I was able to stop my medications and reduce many others including pain meds, muscle relaxers and anti-inflamatories.”

Besides her back pain and anxiety, Heather also dealt with severe menstrual cycles. Since starting care, she has seen much improvement in that area of her health as well! “My period is completely different now. My breast tenderness went away, my low back pain went away, I do not get the terrible cramps that I usually get, and my flow is not nearly as heavy as it normally is.”

"Coming to Vero Health Center is like visiting family. Everyone knows you by name. They are very welcoming ans listen to you to treat your needs accordingly. They are truly amazing."

- Heather


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