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We help our clients get healthy and happy in West Des Moines! We are a neurologically-based chiropractic clinic dedicated to the healing and success of those who have suffered harm from an accident or injury. We make their recovery as easy and painless as possible with our award-winning team of doctors trained in providing the best care possible.

Personal Injury Care in West Des Moines

At Vero Health Center, our mission is to bring hope and freedom to our community by addressing the root causes of pain, injuries, and other health challenges. We specialize in personal injury Chiropractic care because we want the best for those affected by injuries and accidents. Unlike traditional Chiropractors, we use four state-of-the-art technologies to assess your client's body and heal him or her from the inside out. Our award-winning team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of neurological treatment available for your client.

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Our PI Process

Our doctors have more than 40 years of experience combined. We take our personal injury cases seriously. Our Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology certification through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego helps us use the Croft Classification System to its full potential. Each of our doctors are trained to evaluate, classify, and treat a wide range of injuries and accidents.

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    Call Us!

    You call our Outreach Coordinator, Emily Beltran (641) 812-0884, to get started.

  • Chiropractic West Des Moine IA Personal Injury Step 2

    Fill Out Personal Injury Paperwork

    Your client and our doctor fill out PI paperwork detailing the injury and accident, insurance coverage, and your information. We will send these documents to you and the insurance agency.

  • Chiropractic West Des Moine IA Personal Injury Step 3

    Treatment Plan

    Their treatment plan begins with an extensive orthopedic and neurological evaluation, spinal examination, posture analysis, and X-ray.

  • Chiropractic West Des Moine IA Personal Injury Step 4

    Report of Findings

    Based on the severity of the injury and our findings, we classify and proceed with the treatment protocol to get your client back to pre-injury health. We will be in frequent communication regarding their advancement.

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    Your client's care will conclude with another X-ray to demonstrate their progress. Our office maintains detailed and organized records which will also be provided to your office upon your request (Medial Authorization and Invoicing may apply).

Why Chiropractic Care?

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Whether it's due to a car accident or injury at work, your client will begin treatment with misalignment. Misalignment occurs when one or more spinal bones shift out of alignment, putting damaging pressure and irritation on your nerves. The nervous system controls and coordinates all functions and systems in your body, That's why our approach to Chiropractic care is so important. We focus on correcting misalignments, allowing your client's brain to communicate and control all body functions properly. This approach reduces nerve dysfunction in a shorter amount of time, creating longer-lasting effects.

Don't Just Take Our Word, listen to our patients!

Matt came to us with low back pain, neck pain, and sciatica flare-ups due to a car accident in 2007. Since starting neurological Chiropractic care at Vero Health Center, he is no longer taking naproxen. The mobility in his back and neck has greatly improved, and he can walk longer distances without low back pain and flare-ups.

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    “I’ve progressed to having little to no pain when standing, sitting, and doing work in and around the house. I’ve also started a workout program that I could not have done before because of pain. The process is gentle. The environment is calm and positive. The team at Vero Health Center is always kind, encouraging, and interested in me as a person.”

    - Matt

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    “Vero Health Center gave me my life back! They not only validated exactly where I hurt but explained how they could help me.”

    - Keri


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