Are health your Resolutions SMART?

Are health your Resolutions SMART?

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Neurologically-Based Chiropractic Care Can Help You Achieve Your Health Resolutions

With any new year comes the opportunity to set new goals, make life improvements and break bad habits in West Des Moines. More often than not, these goals or resolutions are related to our health and well-being. A New Year's resolution provides an excellent form of motivation to improve your overall health, which is a great thing! However, the hardest part of any resolution isn't actually getting started, it's seeing the resolution through to completion. Statistically speaking, more than half of all resolutions set at the beginning of the year fail.

So, why is this the case, with so many highly-motivated people? Turns out, resolutions that are not SMART (we will explain more later), have a higher likelihood of failure. We will share some tips on setting SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely goals to help you successfully achieve your objective to be healthier this year.


Don't be vague with undefined goals. Make your resolution specific. For example, rather than resolving to "eat better", commit to not eating dessert after dinner or eating veggies at every meal. Setting clear and concise goals will allow you to be more effective in achieving them.


Goals are meant to be achieved. However, if you don't measure your success how will you know if you've attained your goal. By making resolutions that have specific and measurable steps, you are able to hold yourself accountable. Also, having a measure to your success can be a strong motivator and helps you celebrate when you succeed. For example, if you missed your daily step count, you can make it up the next day and celebrate your victory!


As we mentioned above, goals are MEANT to be completed. Attainability is one of the toughest aspects of goal setting. Lofty goals are great, but making goals that are too difficult to attain can leave you feeling defeated and increase the chance you will give up and ultimately fail. Resolutions should provide inspiration as you see progress towards your goal, not discourage you from continuing on.


The point above blends nicely with the concept of creating goals that are not only attainable but realistic. As long as you can realistically achieve your goal in the time frame you've given yourself or by creating a goal that is attainable for you, you've got a great shot at knocking your resolutions out of the park.


Lastly, give yourself a time frame to complete your goal. Having a target date in mind to meet specific benchmarks helps you keep determined and motivated. Seeing progress is important, and by giving a specific timeframe to your goal, you are able to stay accountable. Think of it as a deadline!

With any resolution or journey to become a happier, healthier you, the vital component is to remain positive!

At Vero Health Center in West Des Moines, we are committed to helping you meet your health and wellness goals through neurologically-based chiropractic care. Please share your health goals with us and we will work with you to develop a care plan that supports your resolutions and ultimately helps you achieve them!

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