Finding Your Focus in West Des Moines: How To Concentrate Better Than A Goldfish


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The average attention span for a goldfish is nine seconds. According to a recent study from Microsoft Corp., the average human loses concentration after eight seconds.

You're shocked right?! What does a goldfish even have to concentrate ON for that long! In all seriousness though, the drop in average attention span for humans from 12 seconds to eight seconds is nothing to joke about. Top West Des Moines chiropractor wants to help you find your focus.

It's a noisy, noisy world out there. No, we aren't just referring to car horns or auditory noises. The number of visually stimulating surroundings we have to filter through on a daily basis are alarming high. We live in an increasingly digital world that is having major effects on our brains and our ability to concentrate for periods of time.

Technology and the Internet Of Things (IoT), while enhancing our lives in many ways, are also increasing the pace at which we consume information and as a result, increasing the pace of our lifestyles.

In this digital age, we literally have information at our fingertips. However, in order to integrate this information and put it into practice, we must concentrate and focus our energy on that effort. This takes more than 8 seconds.

How Does The Nervous System Coordinate With Your Focus in West Des Moines

The nervous system plays a HUGE part in your ability to concentrate. Research has shown that your brain function relies on the proper structure and movement of the spine. In other words, if your spine is misaligned or communication between your body and spine have become interrupted, your brain is not able to perform at its optimal level.

Hence, our inability to concentrate longer than a goldfish!

If issues are corrected at the source, you will be in a better position to focus longer, concentrate harder and better decipher the noise around you.

As a neurologically-based chiropractor, locating the source of your concerns is what we do. Vero Health Center in West Des Moines takes a unique approach by addressing the nervous system, which controls every function in your body first. By doing a non-invasive in-depth analysis of your brain and spine, we can determine exactly where there is dysfunction and what miscommunications are taking place.

It's these dysfunctions and miscommunications that can interfere with your ability to concentrate and put information into action effectively.

Let us help you get the attention span above that of a goldfish! At Vero Health Center, our job is to not only get you to your optimal level of health, but to keep you there - for life!

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