RESEARCH UPDATE: Headaches & Chiropractic II

RESEARCH UPDATE: Headaches & Chiropractic II

Chiropractic West Des Moines IA Research Brief Headache

Headaches can be completely debilitating. Millions of people deal with headaches EVERYDAY. And many take drugs to mask the symptoms associated with headaches.

What most headache sufferers in West Des Moines don't realize is that the top side effect of many known "headache" medications is... MORE HEADACHES!

Fast Facts About Headaches:

  • The efficacy of pharmacological management for cervicogenic headache is poor and medication overuse is frequent.
  • An Australian RCT with high methodological quality reported 71% of the participants having >50% reduction in headache frequency while 33% reported 100% improvement in the spinal manipulative therapy group.

Yes, you read that correctly. Research has proven that medications are pretty ineffective when it comes managing headaches. Chiropractic care on the other hand has been proven to provide 50% relief in approximately 75% of people.

What this tells us is that headache suffers who use medications for pain management are not actually fixing the issue at its source. Instead they are masking the pain, only to wake-up the next morning with the same issues headache pain as the day before.

What makes chiropractic care as a pain management solution different is that we perform procedures to address the origin of the pain, ultimately eliminating it versus just hiding it.


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