How Does Sugar Affect Your Brain & Nervous System In West Des Moines

How Does Sugar Affect Your Brain & Nervous System In West Des Moines

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It's fair to say, we've all had a sweet tooth at some point in our lives. You know that can't kick-it craving that won't go away until you devour a cookie or bowl of ice cream!? What you might not realize is that excess sugar in the brain can impair both our nervous system, cognitive skills and self-control. This causes more intense cravings for more sugar.

The more sugar you crave and consume can have negative effects on the rest of your body. Specifically, it can impact your central nervous system. The health of your spine and nervous system are what we are Vero Health Center in West Des Moines take into consideration.

Our nutrition and what we put into our bodies can play a vital role in the health of our nervous system. Sugar is actually one of the biggest culprits to leave a negative impact on your body, as well as your entire nervous system.

Three Ways Sugar Affects Your Nervous System:

Increases Sugar Cravings

Sugar by nature is addictive and can result in the desire to eat more and more until you are over indulging. In actuality, eating something sweet releases the dopamine (the feel-good hormone) creating a positive reinforcement for eating sugar.

Impairs Memory and Learning

Too much sugar can leave you feeling fatigued, tired and irritated. A diet high in fructose can also impair memory retention and the ability to learn effectively.

Contributes To Depression and Anxiety

A sugar crash is when the high sugar levels in your body suddenly plummet and crash after an increased consumption of sugar. This sudden crash in blood sugar levels leads to bad moods, anxiety and increased level of stress. A high-sugar diet can lead to depression and anxiety-like behavior.

At Vero Health Center, we help optimize your nervous system and brain function by addressing the source of your misalignments. This process includes diet evaluation and determining if a high-sugar diet may be causing negative impacts on the rest of your body, specifically your brain.

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