The Source: A Vero Health Center Newsletter – Volume 76

The Source:
A Vero Health Center Newsletter - Volume 76

Chiropractor West Des Moines IA April Newsletter

We Love Our Vero Kids

We had a blast celebrating the amazing kids of Vero last month! In honor of National Absolutely Incredible #KidDay (March 16), we hosted Vero Kids Month to celebrate the incredible young people in our lives!

After the winter we've had, we hope you are feeling as glad as we are to say hello to springtime. Happy Spring, Vero family!

New Doc Talk Event

We are thrilled to be hosting Doc Talk events where we will be discussing various topics from how to reduce your pain and discomfort to increasing your energy and healthy aging. For dates, times and locations, scan the QR code.

Chiropractic West Des Moines IA RSVP Here
Chiropractor West Des Moines IA Josiah Fitzsimmons With Team

Protocol For Hormone Optimization

Our hormone protocol has been life changing.

So, here's the deal with bioidentical hormones they're like the natural boosters for your body's own hormones, helping to keep everything in balance and make those hormonal pathways work like a charm. These little wonders come in a form that your body easily uses to support all those emotional, physical, and cellular processes. Talk about a real MVP for your body!

Let's talk hormones - they basically run the show in your body, from your sleep cycle to your metabolism, detox process, energy levels, skin glow, and so much more. Keeping your body in sync is key to feeling your best. When things go out of whack, your body lets you know with signs like tiredness, inflammation, skin woes, tummy troubles, and sleep struggles.

When it comes to dosing these hormones, it's all about personalization. Our bodies are unique, right? That's why we do thorough blood work for each Practice Member to tailor a plan that's just right for you and your health goals.

Balancing those hormones can do wonders like:

  • Boosting your energy
  • Improving your sleep
  • Easing anxiety
  • Revving up your libido
  • Helping with weight loss
  • Keeping irritability at bay
  • Supporting your bladder health
  • Managing metabolic issues
  • Lifting the cloud of depression

Let's get your hormones in harmony and help you feel amazing!

Meet Kathy

Chiropractic West Des Moines IA Kathy

I grew up in California and lived there the majority of my life. I have been married to my husband for 29 years and we have 2 grown children and one son -n- law. My husband and I moved to our new state that we absolutely love two years ago! We enjoy exploring, hiking, and kayaking with our rescue pup Mr. Bo. I have a passion for helping people and making a difference. Vero gives me the opportunity to do both.

Fun Facts:

  • My husband and I got married in Las Vegas.
  • I met Toby Mac about 5 years ago.
  • Avid Christian concert goer
  • I have been collecting pigs since my 20s


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