Backpack Size Guide For Kids
Backpack Size Guide For Kids - Vero Health Center - West Des Moines

As kids and parents in West Des Moines get ready for children returning back to school, finding a backpack is an essential part of that process. However, what most don’t place enough importance on is making sure the backpack is an appropriate size for your child.

Backpack Sizing Tips

Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you go shopping for the perfect backpack.

  • Backpacks should be no longer than a child’s back.
  • The ideal height and width can be found by taking 2 measurements of a child’s back, or by using an average child size chart (see graphic below) and adjusting as necessary.
  • The core and hip muscles carry much of a backpack’s weight so support is key.
  • For the best support backpacks should be centered between the shoulder blades.
  • To find the right width measure between the ridges of the shoulder blades and add an extra inch or 2.
  • To find the right height measure from the shoulder line where the straps will rest to the waistline or belly button. Add 2 inches to that measurement and that gives you the maximum height for your child’s backpack.
  • A good ergonomic backpack should fit up to 4 inches below the waist and 2 inches below the shoulders.

Impact Of Using The Wrong Sized Backpack

There are negative impacts to using an inappropriately sized backpack on your child’s spine, despite how cute or cool the bag is. Back pain in children is believe it or not on the rise. Many pediatric health care professionals believe it is due to overly heavy or misfitted backpacks.

Heavy backpacks put force on the spine, which causes muscle strain, distorts the natural curve of the spine and compresses the intervertebral discs.

In order to compensate for the heavy backpacks, children will lean forward causing rounded shoulders and a curve in the upper back. It’s this pressure that compresses the upper spine.

This leaning can also increase a child’s chances of falling and injuring themselves in a completely different way, such as head injury, cracked teeth or contusions.

But there is good news - we promise!

The damage done by heavy or misfitted backpacks is completely reversible.  Follow the guidelines listed above and get your child’s spine checked on a regular basis right here at Vero Health Center to ensure that those pesky backpacks aren’t causing irreversible damage to your child’s spine!

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