You Don’t Have To Just Live With Chronic Pain

We often get patients in our West Des Moines chiropractic office that have dealt with pain for several years. It is estimated that 20% of US adults suffer from chronic pain according to the Center For Disease Control.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is pain that has persisted for longer than 6 months. This pain can present itself as headaches, back pain or any area that you experience pain.

What causes Chronic Pain?

While there can be several reasons for chronic pain, the most common reasons we often see in our chiropractic office are:

  1. Procrastination
    You read it right, people more often than no just hope the pain will “go away.” So they will tough it out and really neglect taking care of the underlying injury. As time passes the pain still persists and can even be worse than it started.
  2. Masking The Pain
    Pain is the body’s alarm system. It is alerting you that something is wrong in the body. Most people when they experience pain will resort to taking a pill or seeking medicine to reduce the pain, however all that happens is the pain is masked and you are not actually healed. Medication does not address the root cause of the issue.
  3. Losing Hope
    Chronic pain can be one of the most challenging ailments people must deal with. It can be disheartening to be in pain with only minimal comfort or a lack of answers. Many people after seeking treatment with no solution just “live with the pain”.

How To Address Chronic Pain

The keys to getting rid of pain:

  • Get to the root cause of the problem.
  • Take action as soon as possible, don’t wait!
  • Keep searching for the solution.
  • Schedule an appointment with us!

The biggest key to addressing chronic pain is to find the source of the pain and correct it there. This is where we come in...

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