Common Back Pain In Children
Common Back Pain in Children - Vero Health Center - West Des Moines Chiropractor

While back pain in adults can be more commonly found, children in West Des Moines can also suffer from back conditions that cause pause or discomfort. However, back problems in children tend to be the result of a larger underlying issue.

Let’s explore some of the common back problems in kids and how best they can be treated.

Types Of Back Pain In Children

Muscle Strain and Imbalances

The most common cause of back pain in kids and adolescents in a musculoskeletal strain. This type of pain can be treated with rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy.

More persistent back pain can be related to tight hamstring muscles and weak abdominal muscles, along with poor posture and carrying a heavy backpack.

Rounded Back

More common in adolescents than children, an increased roundness of the back is a common cause of pain. This is called Scheuermann’s kyphosis, which is when vertebrae become wedged, causing a rounded or hunched back. The curved part of the back may ache, and the pain may get worse with activity.

Stress Fracture of the Spine

A stress facture in the spine may occur during a growth spurt or in sports that require repeated twisting and hyperextension of the spine, such as gymnastics, diving or football.

The pain is typically mild and may even be felt in the glute or leg area. Pain can feel worse with activity and subsides during periods of rest.

Slipped Vertebra

A slipped vertebra, or spondylolisthesis, occurs when one vertebra shifts forward on the next vertebra directly below it. In kids, this usually occurs at the base of the spine.

When To See A Chiropractor For Back Pain In Kids?

If your child or adolescent is experiencing any of these symptoms or conditions, then call 515-422-9552 to schedule an appointment. As neurologically-based chiropractors, our care will focus on healing the body from the inside out through a properly functioning nervous system.

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