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  • Are You in Pain?

    Back problems are degenerative, getting worse and more frequent over time.


    Accidents, muscle strain, awkward sleeping, degenerative conditions and more.


    What if science could effectively treat your back pain without drugs or surgery?

Do You Suffer From Any Of These Symptoms?

  • Lower Back Pain?

  • Pinched Nerves?

  • Sciatica?

  • Radiating Pain Into The Legs?

  • Degenerative Discs?

  • Spinal Stenosis?

  • Limited Range of Motion?

  • Weakness when lifting or bending?

  • Trouble walking, sitting or standing?

  • Recurring pain, throbbing or stiffness?

  • Heavy legs or numbness in extremities?

  • Difficulty sleeping or working?

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We have developed a unique clinical treatment that combines a drug-free, non-surgical approach with the most advanced BACK PAIN RELIEF TECHNOLOGY available. Many patients are seeing great results, even those who have "tried everything" before.

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Dr. Josiah Fitzsimmons is Board Certified by the American College of Physical Medicine.
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    Do you have chronic back pain that you have been told you have to live with?


    Have you tried chiropractic, massage, injections, therapy, needle injections, and even surgery and have not had ANY results?


    Have you tried everything else and now have been told that spinal surgery is your only option?

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If you are suffering from the above symptoms, gentle spinal decompression may be the answer for you.  This non-surgical procedure can provide lower back and neck pain relief as well as relief for; sciatica pain, bulging discs, herniated discs, and degenerative discs.

The gentle distraction forces of Spinal Decompression create a decompression of the spine with unloading due to distraction and proper positioning.  This can help to improve blood flow and nutrient exchange to the injured area.

Therapy sessions typically last less than 20 minutes, 3 times a week for 1 month.  Most patients feel pain relief with as few as 6-10 treatments, and are released from treatment after 8 weeks.

A complete program targeting the function of the stabilization ligaments, tendons and muscles is a vital part of Spinal Decompression. Exercise and adjunctive therapies such as heat, muscle stimulation, ultrasound, and cold therapy can assist in rehabilitation of these structures. Our goal is to not only help heal the disc, but to also enhance muscular control and support of the back and neck.

Regular home exercise and periodic visits to our office will help in maintaining your spinal health, and reduce the probability of re-occurrence. Clinical results of this procedure have been effective in over 75% of the patients treated, and most patients find long-term relief or effective management of their pain when they complete the entire program of treatments.

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After Treatment, Many Patients Experience:

Chiropractic West Des Moines IA Improved Mood

Improved Mood

Improve your overall health and regain your vitality for life.

Chiropractic West Des Moines IA Reduced Medication

Reduced Medications

Medication and surgery don't have to be the answer.

Chiropractic West Des Moines IA Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle

Stop wasting time with plans that don't work and get your life back!