The Source: A Vero Health Center Newsletter – Volume 64

The Source:
A Vero Health Center Newsletter - Volume 64

The Source: A Vero Health Center Newsletter – Volume 64

Spring into Action!

After a long winter of harsh weather and frigid temperatures, most people are excited to get outside and move. Before you jump back into your favorite springtime activities, you have to prepare your body to avoid injury. Most people immediately jump back into their favorite activities (such as hiking, golfing, or gardening) as soon as the weather warms. When we are cooped up all winter long, our muscles and joints can weaken. Bouncing back into your physical activities too soon can cause many consequences-and might prevent you from participating
altogether! Following your care plan and getting adjusted regularly will prepare your body for the active spring season that you want! The care plan that we created for you involves chiropractic adjustments and exercises that will help your body prepare for some springtime fun!

Vero Kids Week: March 13th - 17th

In honor of National Absolutely Incredible #KidDay (March 16), Vero will be hosting Vero Kids Week to celebrate the incredible young people in our lives. Participating in #KidDay #AIKD is a simple, meaningful way to let young people know how much they are appreciated. Words are powerful. Young lives are changed by this day and the simple act of your encouragement, love, and kindness. Give the gift of Health-- refer your Incredible Kid for a complimentary evaluation!

WDM Human Services Drive

We are excited to partner with the West Des Moines Human Services to collect personal care and clothing items for those in need. Please consider bringing personal care items for households in need including: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent, diapers, wipes, toilet paper, clothing for all ages, etc. We will begin accepting donations March 3rd and continue to do so through the end of April!


Children and Ear Infections

Many parents bring their children into Vero asking us to treat their ear infections. The purpose of chiropractic care is not the treatment of current conditions or
diseases. Instead, it is the restoration of normal body function. Our doctors work with our nerves to reduce interference in the nervous system which improves overall body function.

As a parent, you have some choices to make. You can either treat the ear infection immediately or watch and wait. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a watch-and-wait approach as research shows that antibiotics are ineffective at treating ear infections since these infections are usually caused by a
virus. These antibiotics can even lead to repeated episodes in your child.

You can treat the ear infection through medications or naturally. Regardless of which option you choose, the chiropractic approach will improve your child's ability to function. Doesn't it make sense to have your child functioning at their best for healing and health?

Does your child currently come with you to your adjustments? No? Sign them up for an initial consultation!

Our doctors will assess your child's spine and make the necessary adjustments to improve their nervous system functioning.

It is important that parents realize the role chiropractic care plays in whole-body wellness. Chiropractic care allows children to express a greater state of health by healing current conditions and preventing future issues.

Children and Ear Infections

Why couldn't the pony sing?

A: Because she was a little horse

What do you call a Boomerang that won't come back?

A: A Stick

How do you get a squirrel to like you?

A: Act like a nut.

What building in your town has the most stories?

A: The Library

What did one volcano say to another?

A: I lava you!

What animal is always at a baseball game?

A: A Bat


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