The Source: A Vero Health Center Newsletter – Volume 71

The Source:
A Vero Health Center Newsletter - Volume 71

Chiropractor West Des Moines IA Josiah Fitzsimmons With Team October Newsletter 2023

Truly Fun Facts About Your Back

  • Fun Fact #1: You have the same number of vertebrae in your neck as a giraffe
  • Fun Fact #2: You're taller in the morning
  • Fun Fact #3: Babies have more vertebrae than adults
  • Fun Fact #4: Each day, 1 million adjustments take place
  • Fun Fact #5: All 32 NFL teams have their own chiropractor to boost performance and maintain wellness

Vote For Vero

Voting is now open for Cityview’s Best of Des Moines 2024 Awards and Best of the West Awards presented by Aureon!

CityView Awards

  • #197 Best Holistic Health Center
  • #201 Best Local Chiropractic Clinic
  • #202 Best Local Doctor's Clinic
Chiropractic West Des Moines IA CityView Awards

Best Of The West Awards

  • #12 Best Medical Care Provider
  • #19 Best Chiropractic Clinic
  • #21 Best Small Employer
  • #27 Best Company Culture
Chiropractic West Des Moines IA Best Of The West Awards
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Give The Gift Of Health

Do you know someone who could benefit from care at Vero?

Purchase a Gift of Health for them for only $20!

This includes a Complete Consultation, Neurological Evaluation, Muscle Assessment and Doctors Examination.

This special is an exclusive offer only for friends/family/co-workers of current Vero Practice Members!

Meet Kourtlin

Chiropractic West Des Moines IA Kourtlin Meet The Team

Though originally from Ankeny, Iowa, Kourtlin graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a bachelor's degree in Music Education. She returned to Iowa shortly after college, taught choir for grades 7 - 12 for eight years, and was most recently the Director of Choral Activities at Norwalk High School. Kourtlin would describe herself as an introvert and would prefer to spend time outside or creating. She loves to organize and is passionate about creating efficient systems. She is thrilled to have joined the Vero family this year!

  1. I am a big Elite Women's Artistic Gymnastics Fan and I am SO EXCITED to be attending the Olympic trials next year! #Paris2024
  2. I love to make custom gifts (wood burning, painting, etching, etc.)
  3. I love to sing and have performed on most of the DSM metro stages: DM Playhouse, CY Stephens, Civic Center


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