The Truth About X-Rays & Chiropractic

The Truth About X-Rays & Chiropractic

Chiropractic West Des Moines IA X-Rays and Chiropractic

And How Radiographics Can Benefit Your Health

As a West Des Moines Chiropractor, one of the most important components of chiropractic care is our diagnostic procedures. We rely heavily on the use of our 4 technologies, so we can fully understand what is occurring in our patient’s musculoskeletal system.

Of these 4 technologies, we rely most heavily on the use of x-rays in diagnosing, and inevitably correcting issues within the body. X-rays provide us with a clear window into the layout and anatomy of the bones and structure of the body.

Since chiropractic care uses spinal manipulation and techniques requiring movement of the musculoskeletal system, X-rays can show us exactly what is happening from an alignment and structure standpoint.

Another key advantage to using X-rays is the ability to see and identify other issues inside the body that might be causing pain or discomfort, such as scar tissue or arthritis.

X-Rays Do More Good Than Harm

In our office, x-rays are not used as a means of therapy, but rather as a diagnostic tool that allows us to best help our patients reach the highest level of health.

While some express concern with the effects of X-rays and radiation, current studies are proving that the benefits of using x-rays as a diagnostic tool far outweigh the risks.

Radiography and X-rays still remain the most cost-effective and practical imaging method for spine and posture assessment, and for monitoring the progress of treatment.

Think if it this way, if we can’t see what we are doing, then how do we know it’s actually working?

If you have further questions on how we utilize X-rays and radiographs in our office, please feel free to contact us.

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