Top Things You Can Do In West Des Moines To Have Fun

The holiday fever is kicking in very fast. Having spent a week in offices or at your place of work seems to the most boring thing, and the only thing that crosses your mind is a time when you’ll have to spend some memorable times away from your day to day vicinity.

A weekend is usually a good time to have a whale of a time with your family members or even with your workmates. However, the problem comes in when you don’t have that place in mind where you can spend your weekend and write it in your diary as the most exciting moments. Don’t be in the dark anymore as we have gathered some of the things you can do if you visit West Des Moines, IA for a weekend.

Quench for your spirit for adventure

If you are an adventurous person, you can manage your tiresome and boring week by visiting some of the best places that relieve all of your stress. Animal lovers should have their first destination as Blank Park Zoo, where they can have time to appreciate the natural world through education, conservation, and recreation. 22 acres of land out of the 44 acres Blank Park Zoo manage has been set aside for animal exhibits, which gives you an opportunity to see 104 different animal species, as well as 1484 animal specimens, cared for at this zoo. You can also engage in various activities such as feeding a giraffe as you preserve animals for future generation.

For the lovers of nature, West Des Moines, IA is the best place to spend your weekends. Clive Greenbelt Trail offers a good company for you and your family or friends, where you get to enjoy bike riding together as you have an amazing view of birds, trees, and landscaping. You can also take your favorite dog with you and have a walk with it as you extend your hand of friendship with other people around. If you are passionate about games and internet, then you should drop by at Brown’s Wood, which is the largest urban forest reserve in Iowa. Here, you enjoy hiking and trailing, as you join other game lovers in an ever-entertaining geocaching activity for GPS users, where you can set up caches and then share their locations on the internet. GPS users utilize the location coordinates to find the catches, and you might be rewarded heavily. Other places you can visit include Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, Gray's Lake Park, Pappajohn Sculpture Park, and others.

Utilize your time in a favorite restaurant and finish at the botanical garden

It could be that you or one of your friends or family member is not into hiking and adventure. However, there is no need to panic as West Des Moines, IA has everything for everyone. There are numerous elegant hotels where you can drop by and have a fantastic time as you enjoy your favorite food and drinks. Proof, Des Moines, Iowa takes care of your stomach by ensuring that you get what you don’t normally get at home or at work. Mushroom ragu, roasted bone marrow, and watermelon tartar are just some of the provocative and delicious foods you are served with. Proof also offers the best wine that sinks all your week’s stress and burnout. You can also drop by Tasty Tacos, Des Moines, IA to have a taste of fresh and delicious deep fried flour tacos which is filled with lettuce, juicy meat, and plenty of cheese.

At Fong Pizza is where you feel at home, as they offer a combination of craft beers, fabulous pizza, tiki drinks, and ongoing karaoke. Your weekend cannot be complete without having a visit to Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden. This is an outdoor photography studio where you get to see various garden spaces as you enjoy photo shooting with your loved ones.